We invite you to join our ACE/LEGs Committee (Activists for Congressional Education/Legislative Education Groups) to visit with local state legislators to let them know how the recent legislation has impacted teachers and school employees.

“Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world.” Margaret Mead

ACE/LEGs along with COPE (Committee on Political Education) will work diligently and proactively to educate the members of the state legislature in advance of the issues coming to a vote; educate them on the issues that impact our members; and let them know we hold them accountable.

In the past, “AFT president Randi Weingarten called on elected and school officials to do school reform ‘with us, not to us,’ and urged teachers, [school employees], and their unions to ‘be the engines of real change in education, providing the ideas and the people that can get the job done.’”  This is still relevant today.

Contact us immediately if you want to be included in this proactive approach to legislation.

ACE – our Activists for Congressional Education – is a nationwide grassroots campaign to enlist AFT members in each congressional district to build relationships with their representatives in congress and have influence on the issues that matter to us.

LEGs – our Legislative Education Groups – is a member-to-member education and mobilization project. The goal of LEGs is to develop a rapid response to policy-making decisions affecting our members at the state and federal levels.

COPE – our Committee on Political Education — is the political action committee. COPE enables our organization to engage the membership in both creating our political agenda and in supporting candidates who will champion our legislative agenda. COPE also informs members about the performance of elected officials and information on how our legislators voted on issues of importance to public school employees.

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