batch of dollars

Let’s Talk Money

First, the back story:

Last year, the LA Legislature passed an MFP formula which included a one-time supplement for all classroom teachers.  Most local districts made the decision to include all other employees in a one-time supplement allocation.  For Caddo and Bossier, both boards decided to give this at the same time they gave their yearly Christmas money.  All of this came in time for Black Friday.

Now for this year, the LA Legislature passed an MFP Formula which permanently put in place the money received in the one-time supplement, making it a permanent salary increase.  That would be $800 for Caddo teachers, $703.50 for Bossier and $200 for Red River. The BPSB has already voted to implement the permanent increase for the 2014-15 school Year.   District 12 CPSB member, Dottie Bell, has a agenda item for the July 15, 2014, meeting to allocate the permanent salary increase in Caddo for the 2014-15 year.  She has also committed to insuring all employees will receive a salary increase.   We are working on an update for Red River Parish.

What else can we anticipate?  Bossier will implement a 1.5% salary increase compliments of the Bossier voters.  The $725 B-Back check and the $600 and $350 Christmas money for certified and classified employees, respectively, is also a part of the salary schedule.

In Caddo, the CPSB budget includes a $200 supply fund for all classroom teachers, up from $100 last year.  And of course, all employees will continue to receive the $500 Christmas cash as it is a permanent part of the salary schedule.

So, if you compare the Bossier salary schedule for the 2014-15 year with the Caddo teacher salary schedule, you should see that once the Caddo board votes in the salary increase for employees, Caddo new teachers will be a hiccup above the Bossier teachers in starting salary.  The Red River Parish’s new teacher salary schedule (with supplements puts them ahead of both Caddo and Bossier Parishes.