Make good choices.

That was the message I delivered to some 2,800 AFT delegates at AFT’s recent convention in Los Angeles.

“Nobody would pick an adversary over an advocate—and none of us would miss an opportunity to have someone actually fighting for our best interests … So I am asking you to make a good choice and switch to a credit card that fights for you—the AFT + Credit Card.”

In a nutshell, my message for attendees was: AFT + offers you both buying power and hardship assistance when times are tough. I am proud to say that, if you have the AFT + card, we have your back. By switching to the AFT + Credit Card, you’ll also have more muscle as a consumer.

The AFT + Cash Rewards card features competitive rates and 1.5% cash back on every purchase. Two other card options are also available.

Exclusive hardship grants help eligible cardholders facing financial hardship due to job loss, disability, strike and hospitalization.*

AFT members can apply for a credit card that puts union solidarity in your pocket at

In solidarity,

Leslie Tolf
President, Union Plus