Photo Contest

Asking the question, “Who’s taking credit for Labor Day this year?” Union Plus has launched a new photo contest, running from April 15 to September 15. As they say on their site, “We need more Americans to grasp the impact of your skilled labor. Not only because you build everything from our roads, our cars, and the places we go, but U@Work are the living infrastructure that makes America happen.” The grand prize winner will receive a new smartphone and a free year of service on AT&T, the only nationwide, unionized wireless carrier. There will also be two first prizes and 12 second prizes. For every photo submitted, Union Plus will donate $1 to the Willow Run Plant Bomber Campaign. You can submit your photo to UnionPlus.org/Contest.

The hard work of union members created Labor Day, and we think it’s about time union members @Work took full credit for all you’ve done to make this a great nation. That’s why we want to honor union members this Labor Day with great unionized prizes just for doing what you do @Work.

So union members — STAND UP and BE COUNTED and you could be one of 15 lucky union members to WIN a prize. It’s easy to enter for your chance to win, simply submit your photo to UnionPlus.org/Contest.   You will be registered to receive program emails notifying you of valuable new benefits, future contests, and more.

Register to win by September 15, 2013