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Red River United is interested in forming a Security Committee so that your specific issues are addressed.


The primary mission of American schools is to teach all students the knowledge and skills needed to become full participants in a democratic society, and all students in our schools have a right to positive and productive, safe and secure learning environments without disruptions.

In poll after poll, parents, teachers, and school staff say that school safety and order are their highest school priorities. Educators know that other efforts to improve schools will not be effective without an orderly and safe learning environment.

Fortunately, public schools are among the safest places for children. Studies show that of all the violent crimes involving children, only a very small fraction occur in school. We must never feel comfortable, however, resting on the knowledge that schools are relatively safe environments for students and teachers. We must constantly strive to make the school the safest environment possible. The students we have been charged to educate and the school staff deserve nothing less.

Teachers and school staff, through their unions, can play a key role in establishing effective discipline and safety policies, and can advocate for building facilities that are both safe and conducive to learning.

There is a reason why the majority of security coordinators are members of Red River United. Red River United is determined to be at the forefront of establishing policies and procedures that ensure the safety of students and school employees while they learn and work. Contact Red River United at (318) 424-4579 or at redriverunited[@] to learn more about how you can help establish guidelines, procedures, and practices that can make your school ensure that students and school employees are safe.