If stagnant salaries and more and more job requirements are not enough, the Caddo Board is poised to add insult to injury  by increasing employee insurance cost by 5%! This item will be voted on by the board on September 20th at 4:30 pm.

Let’s join together to tell the school board we cannot do more and more with less and less. Caddo salaries, which were once one of the highest in the state, are now the lowest in the region. Increasing insurance cost will only exacerbate this further by decreasing our take home pay.
Let’s tell the board, when they do not do their part to ensure our salaries remain competitive, the price is paid by our students and our schools. It’s time to tell the them we do our part every day and it’s time they do theirs. All school employees deserve a raise.

PS – Be on the lookout for a RRU box with postcards for all employees to sign in support of a pay raise for school personnel. It’s time stand up and get involved.

Click here to tell our school board members that increasing insurance costs is adding insult to injury!