Strategies for Teacher and Student Success



Red River United provides group and personalized instruction for all members and non-members in Northwest Louisiana.  We specialize in the topics and issues relevant to public educators, and we are here to assist you!

Individual Instruction


4 – 5 P.M. OR 5 – 6 P.M.

Red River United offers private one-on-one tutoring for members after the school day. Use this form to contact RRU and let us know how we can be of assistance. For example, many members come to us to fulfill obligations of an Intensive Assistance Plan, Praxis tutoring, classroom management, lesson plans, SLTs, and evaluation preparation. Let us know how RRU can work for you.

Group Instruction


9 A.M.- 11 A.M.

Calendar of Events for Group Instruction

August 20– Classroom Management/Establishing Routines

September 17– Introduction to SLT Writing/Effective Communication

October 8– Writing SLTs/COMPASS Observation Preparation

November 12– Stress Management and Your Health

January 21– Aligning Instruction with Standardized Assessments/Revisiting SLTs

February 18– COMPASS Observation Preparation

March 18– Technology in the Classroom

April 8– Stress Management and Your Health

May 13– End of Year Reflection and Celebration

A Message From Our Educational Specialist

My name is Jordan Thomas and I am serving as Education Specialist at Red River United.  I have teaching experience in both Caddo and DeSoto Parishes, and I also hold a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.  My role at Red River United will focus on planning and implementing professional learning based on the specific needs of public educators as well as engaging members to become the voice of Red River United.

Too often teachers, especially new teachers, lack the support and guidance they need to reach their full potential.  It is my mission to provide the support teachers need to not only survive in this ever-changing public education system but to flourish and thrive.

I truly look forward to serving the teachers of Northwest Louisiana, and I hope to see you soon!

Other Offerings

Red River United realizes that we must meet the needs of the educational professional both IN & OUT of the classroom. This means addressing personal, financial, and life planning concerns. When we are well (safe and sane) in our personal lives we are best able to preform in our professional lives!
 Student Debt Relief
 Financial & Wealth Management
 Will Writing
 Self Defense

Do you have an idea for a class or seminar? Red River United and we will be happy to put a class together.

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