Bus Drivers are responsible for the critical task of making sure that our students get to school and back home safely. That being said, there are laws and policies in place in order to ensure student safety on buses. There is no set maximum number of students who can be transported on a single bus, and how many kids you can legally transport depends on the size of children. 

Federal law states that the number of students transported in a school bus must be compliant with the bus manufacturer’s instructions. The bus manufacturer states that in order to ensure maximum safety, all students must fit fully within their seats.

That means that every student must be fully covered by the seat back in front of them.

Hands, feet, and bodies can NOT  be in the aisles. Students can NOT sit on the floors of buses (yes, we’ve heard about this happening).
If your bus is overcrowded, call Red River United IMMEDIATELY at 318-424-4579 before beginning your route.