Caddo Policy: GCJ Professional Staff Time Schedule Faculty Meetings 
Recognizing the importance of faculty/staff collaboration, it shall be the policy of the Caddo Parish School Board that school site administrators may call mandatory faculty meetings. Generally there shall be no more than one meeting per week. Faculty shall receive 24 hours notice prior to the meeting. In the event that a second meeting is necessary in the same week, the principal shall notify and receive written approval from their school director prior to calling the meeting. Nothing in this policy is intended to prohibit the school site administrator from passing on significant information when time is of the essence. Adopted: November 15, 2011

Please read this policy carefully.  It does not prohibit the call of the second meeting, but it must have prior approval by the director.  Additionally, all meetings require 24 hours notice.  This is a policy that Red River United knows very well, after all, we wrote the policy. Keep in mind that policies are only as strong as the employees who will fight to keep them alive. We will always have your back, because maintaining a work-life balance is of paramount importance to this organization.

If you have further questions regarding this policy or any other, such as, Personnel File Act, Excessive Paperwork, Duty Free Lunch, or Planning Time please do not hesitate to call.  We are here to serve the best interests of educational professionals.
PS – Support personnel are not required to attend after school activities, such as faculty meetings or PTA meetings.
PSS – Interested in crafting similar policies in Bossier or Red River Parishes, give us a call.