Have you ever thought about what happens to your observations and evaluations?  They are actually housed in your personnel file which is protected by LA Revised Statute 17:1231-38, the Personnel File Act. This act states that nothing can go into your file that you have not seen, signed and had the opportunity to rebut. And once you write a rebuttal, it must be permanently attached to your observation/evaluation.


We believe the HCIS or Human Capital Information System, is actually part of your personnel file. We further believe it violates the Personnel File Act and District Personnel Evaluation Plan for several reasons. First, if you are not given a copy of the document at the time of the post observation conference, it is a violation. And being told to go look at it on the system does not work. If you and your supervisor do not affix your signatures onto the document during the post observation, this is a violation.  A rebuttal cannot be attached to the HCIS, another violation.  And finally, the Personnel File Act states that you have a right to have a document removed if it is proven the document contains inaccurate information or is a misrepresentation of fact.

To date, we are told documents cannot be removed from HCIS.

The long and the short of it is, we asked State Legislators and the Department of Education to delay implementation until they got it right. This did not happen, so it seems that we will have to show them the error of their ways. We are currently preparing documents for a very real possibility of upcoming legal action. Let us hear from you. 

Remember, your personnel file is much like your GPA or your credit score– it follows you throughout your professional career. Until Act 1 of 2012 is ruled completely unconstitutional (currently awaiting a district court re-hearing). Your salary and career are tired to your evaluation. By protecting the content of the file, you are protecting your career. Help us help you.

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