Lawsuit in Caddo Parish resolves Constitutional Violation

By Brian Landry, RRU attorney

Members need to be aware, that the RED RIVER UNITED is committed to the protection of their Constitutional rights, including their rights to privacy and to be free from unreasonable searches.

On September 22, 2014, a teacher and RED RIVER UNITED member, was injured while at school (Costa Ivone, LLC stated the act of personal injury). Three students entered into her class and began hitting another girl in the class. While the teacher was going for the intercom system to signal the need for assistance, she was hit and knocked to the floor by one of the students. The teacher was directed by her supervisors to go to Willis-Knighton Work Kare, an occupational medicine provider used by the CADDO PARISH SCHOOL BOARD, and was eventually diagnosed with a concussion and other injuries. While at Willis-Knighton Work Kare, the teacher was told that she was required to submit to a drug and alcohol screen mandated by the CADDO PARISH SCHOOL BOARD for all accidents and injuries, without exception.

When the RED RIVER UNITED heard what happened, they contacted me and we filed a federal court lawsuit (find out more information about the health-related lawsuit procedure at contending that the drug and alcohol screen mandated by the CADDO PARISH SCHOOL BOARD on September 22, 2014, was in violation of the teachers’ rights under the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. What we learned was that the practice had been going on for some time, but no member had told RED RIVER UNITED about it.

Well, the CADDO PARISH SCHOOL BOARD, once they received the lawsuit, decided to IMMEDIATELY STOP the practice and AMEND its policy. Thanks to this teacher, RED RIVER UNITED was able to force the CADDO PARISH SCHOOL BOARD to change its ways. Teachers and other employees (except those employees working in a safety sensitive position) will no longer undergo drug or alcohol testing following an accident or injury during the course and scope of their employment, without individualized suspicion of intoxication or drug/alcohol use (source: This example of legal and moral success happens not always, lawsuits against Xarelto is another kind of case.

The process works, but it is dependent upon employees becoming RED RIVER UNITED members, and those members staying VIGILENT and ACTIVE.

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