This week’s Know Your Rights tip pertains to both disciplinary write-ups and evaluations.


If you receive a disciplinary write-up or evaluation result, SEE, SIGN, AND REBUT.

When you are given the paperwork, be sure to SIGN the write-up/evaluation result so you can receive a copy.

Signing a write-up does NOT constitute agreeing with the contents of the write-up/paperwork— it is a record that you have seen the paperwork before it is put into your personnel file. 

After you sign the write-up, contact Red River United immediately at 318-424-4579 and write a rebuttal. A rebuttal tells YOUR side of the story, and is permanently attached to your personnel file with the write-up.  

Your personnel file/record is the ONLY thing a principal looks at if you are considering transferring to another school or another parish. Make sure you know what is in your personnel file, and that you write rebuttals for everything that goes in your personnel file.