Keep Our Foundation Strong


Red River United is launching a “Keep Our Foundation Strong” campaign.  Your school’s Red River United workplace leaders will be distributing “bricks” for you to sign.  We want to present the Caddo Parish School Board with a brick wall that represents the solidarity of ALL school employees in efforts to achieve a well-deserved pay supplement for our support personnel. If you do not receive a brick, want more bricks, want to return your brick to Red River United, or if you are interested in hosting a brick signing luncheon at your school, contact us.

Reclaiming the promise of public education will take the helping hand of ALL school employees. PSRPs are our office employees, custodians, maintenance workers, bus drivers, paraprofessionals, food service workers, school nurses and health aides, technicians, groundskeepers, security coordinators, secretaries, bookkeepers, mechanics, special education assistants, and hundreds of other job titles.

PSRPs are “leaders in our unions, foundations of our schools.” This union cannot succeed without the support and leadership of the PSRPs.  PSRPs are educators, working every day to ensure that our children are receiving a quality public education. Whether you are a paraprofessional assisting in a lesson, maintenance making sure our schools are running, food service providing a good and nutritious meal, or an office worker helping students, teachers, and parents, PSRPs are essential to the education of our children.

Join the fight! Let your voice be heard! (No, we will not throw the bricks.  The bricks are paper not foam.)