Thank You, script lettering

Red River United wants to thank all of the members that came out to September 5th’s highly eventful Bossier Parish School Board meeting.

First, on the topic of the option of twice monthly pay. Red River United would like to thank D.C. Machen, Jr. for putting us on the agenda and the BPSB for hearing our testimony. We believe that the OPTION of receiving your pay two times per month is something that new and transferred employees are looking for. Additionally, unexpected expenses (blown tires, emergency surgery) can quickly deplete a person’s savings. Knowing that a paycheck is coming soon can help navigate through a financial quagmire. Red River United is not pushing for anyone to change their pay schedule who does not want to. The BPSB is going to put out an employee survey and look into the possibility of implementing the twice monthly pay option for the next school year.

Second, last year Red River United asked that the Christmas supplement allocation date be moved forward, so that checks would arrive before the thanksgiving holiday. We are proud to announce that BPSB employees will now enjoy their Christmas checks on November 22.

But wait, there’s more.

MFP monies the Louisiana State Legislature set aside for teachers, partially due to lobbying efforts of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers (RRU’s state affiliate), will also be delivered on November 22.

But wait, there’s more.

With great wisdom the BPSB realized the other half of their education family, paraprofessionals and support related personnel, also deserve a supplement in pay. So, the BPSB reached into local coffers in order to add an additional amount to these employees’ checks on November 22! Red River United could not be more thrilled.

Thank you Superintendent D.C. Machen, Jr. and the Bossier Parish School Board