Numerous studies show that early childhood education has positive effects on children long after they finish their education. From their first day of kindergarten, children who attended prekindergarten perform better academically in a classroom setting and do better socially with their peers. But it doesn’t stop there—in long-term studies, children who had high-quality early childhood education were more likely to graduate from high school, attend college and even own a home.

So, how do we expand pre-K programs and give all children the opportunity to succeed? You can start by writing your members of Congress, urging them to support the Strong Start for America’s Children Act.
Right now, parents have access to early education and child care programs that range in quality, but not all parents are able to afford high-quality early education and care. We must reclaim the promise of public education by ensuring that all children have access to high-quality early learning programs.

Urge your elected officials to support the Strong Start for America’s Children Act. It is the first step in making sure our children have access to high-quality public education.
The introduction of this historic early learning bill, which has bipartisan support in Congress, provides an opportunity we can’t afford to miss. When we invest in early learning, we invest in our children, our economy and America’s future.

The promise of public education starts early, with high-quality early education. Write your members of Congress today.
In unity,
Tor Cowan
AFT Legislative Director