Win Books

Win a customized home library for students from low-income homes!

Lead your students on the road to success with a 6-book home library.

Up to 30 low-income students from your school can benefit from a range books, courtesy of our partnership with First Book.

Select the books that best support the educational and emotional needs of your students, and match them based on your educational and curriculum strategy. The range of books is vast, and spans Tender Topics such as death, violence and bullying to popular fiction and graphic novels.

We’re awarding the home library to 16 educational professionals. Eight winners will be selected from those who register in August and the following eight from September. All new Share My Lesson subscribers have a chance to win.

Contest entrance is easy, just check your school’s or program’s eligibility and follow these two simple steps:

1) Register for Share My Lesson – it’s completely free and takes less than a minute.

2) Register on AFT’s partner site for First Book

It’s as simple as that!

Registration for this contest takes place from August 1 through September 30, 2013.

Here are 10 great reasons to register with Share My Lesson:

  1. Enjoy free access to 265,000 high-quality teaching resources.
  2. Discover the best resources that have been rated and reviewed by other educators.
  3. Search for the resources you want by subject, topic, grade, type and format.
  4. Explore a dedicated Common Core State Standards Information Center with resources aligned to the standards.
  5. Find additional resources from our content partners.
  6. Gather advice and inspiration from your colleagues.
  7. Share your favorite resources with fellow educators.
  8. Be part of the fastest-growing network of teachers in America.
  9. Relax knowing that access to the site and resources will always be free.
  10. Be entered into a prize drawing to win a 6-book home library for your students!

Criteria for First Book entry:

Educators working in Title I or Title I-eligible schools or programs qualify. However, if you are not an educational professional in an eligible school, you can elect to have the prize given to an eligible school or program of your choice!

Check here for terms and conditions. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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