Personalized (FREE) one-on-one tutoring

The Red River United ER&D (Educational Research & Dissemination) team is proud to announce a new type of professional development for all teachers in Caddo & Bossier Parishes.  We are giving you, the teacher, an opportunity to seek help for problems in the classroom by working with you one on one.  That’s right, you no longer have to sit in a classroom full of people and hear general lectures.  We want to work specifically to meet your needs. These sessions offer new and veteran teachers a hands-on, highly interactive service that will give strategies and tools you can implement immediately in your classroom and to incorporate into your lesson plans. 

All you need to do is schedule an appointment to work with one of our certified staff members.  It’s that simple!  You may schedule as many appointments as needed.  This is a free service to members and potential members. Call, 318-424-4579 today.

Not a Red River United member? Join today!