Guidelines – what to do if a fight breaks out – There is no set of laws or court principles that require you to physically intervene or to put yourself at risk if a fight breaks out at school. Red River United urges you to use your own moral code and common sense. You should, however, take all reasonable steps to deter and dissipate a fight, such as:

  • Call/page for security
  • Send a student to the office
  • Yell and scream
  • Wave your arms and gesture wildly
  • Stomp your feet and clap your hands
  • Do anything but stand still!


You run certain risks regardless of how you choose to break up a fight. Red River United wants you to use your best judgment but to also know the risks involved in getting physically involved in a fight.


If you physically get involved to break up a fight you run the risk of:

  1. Being accused of using excessive force and charged with battery
  2. Sued by the parents of the students involved in the fight
  3. Fired
  4. Physically hurting yourself

If you choose not to get physically involved you can still be sued or fired. Therefore, it is EXTREMELY important that you take all reasonable steps (listed above) to deter and dissipate a fight.

Contact Red River United immediately if you have concerns in this area.