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President’s Message: Bullying Prevention Speech

President’s Message: Bullying Prevention Speech


TAKE ACTION NOW: Caddo Parish School Board Sick Leave Policy Revisions Against State Law!

  There will be a revised sick leave policy for approval before the Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting. This new policy would require ALL employees to provide a...


Caddo Parish School Board: Respect Employees’ Personal Health Choices

      August 5, 2014:   Dear Caddo Parish School Board Members, It has come to the attention of the Red River United that the Caddo Parish School District...


Overcrowding on the Bus: Know Your Rights!

Bus Drivers are responsible for the critical task of making sure that our students get to school and back home safely. That being said, there are laws and policies in...


Show Me the Money

Keep Our Foundation Strong Red River United is launching a “Keep Our Foundation Strong” campaign.  Your school’s Red River United workplace leaders will be distributing “bricks” for you to sign. ...