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Red River United wants to alert you to THREE key policy provisions that provide for your stability (and sanity) as an educational professional. Where we find violations of these policies we will take action to protect your rights. Please let us know if any of the following is occurring at your school.

1) Did you know that according to BESE bulletin 741, “No teachers at the secondary level shall instruct more than 750 student hours per week, except those who teach the activity classes.”

Are you instructing over 750 student hours? If you are uncertain on how to calculate your student hours contact Red River United at 318-424-4579. Take a brief survey.

2) Did you know that according to Caddo Parish School Board policy, the staffing formula is “a 90-minute planning period every other day and the weeks when there are only two 90-minute planning periods, the administration will provide additional planning time up to a minimum goal of 225 minutes.”

Are you receiving your minimum planning time of 225 minutes per week? Take a brief survey.

3) Did you know that according to Caddo Parish School Board policy, GCJ – Professional staff time schedules, “teachers are required to report to their school (15) minutes prior to official start of the school day and remain (15) minutes after school is dismissed. Teachers are expected to be available to both students and parents who need a conference time that is reasonable before or after the school day.”

In other words, these 15 minute segments are NOT to be counted as planning period time. Does your schedule include these segments as a part of your planning time? Take a brief survey.

Red River United realizes that several schools, primarily high schools, are violating one or several of the previously mentioned policies/law. We invite you to stand with fellow educators and join our class action grievances!