D.C. Machen, Superintendent                                                                        August 1, 2013

Bossier Parish School Board

P.O. Box 2000

Benton, LA 71006


RE:  Request for Agenda Item- Option of Twice Monthly Pay


Dear Superintendent Machen,


In accordance with Bossier Parish School Board Policy BCBD, the Bossier members of the Red River United respectfully request an item be placed on the September 2013, agenda.    The purpose of the agenda item is to propose a change to the current payroll period.  Teachers and school employees have expressed a desire to expand the once monthly pay cycle to include a twice monthly option.


Caddo has long had this option and employees there, especially new employees to the system, view this as a positive and progressive move by the district. The fluidity of employee movement between the districts gives an added reason for consideration.


We believe technology upgrades should allow the Bossier School System to adopt this industry standard without undue difficulty.  We look forward to meeting with you concerning this matter.







Jackie Lansdale, President



Cc: Bossier Federation Executive Council