Tell Jindal and White they are wrong about teachers!

For the second time, a state court has struck down Act 1 of 2012, the so-called “talent act,” because it violates a prohibition on bundling too many objectives in a single law.

Act 1 is a reflection of the governor’s very wrong opinions about teachers.

We strongly believe that the law has harmed teachers. If each of its elements had been introduced as separate laws, we would have opposed all of them.

We wish the lawsuits were not necessary. But until the Jindal administration respects both the rule of law and the teachers who dedicate their lives to the children of Louisiana, we have no choice.

To learn more and send Gov. Jindal and Supt. White a letter, please click here. Tell Gov. Jindal and Supt. White that it’s time to stop the lawsuits and work together in the best interest of all our children and the professionals who work in our schools.